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   Mechanical Mayhem

Keep a watchful eye on these two...they can tear an FJ down and sell the parts for hookers and booze faster then you can say "Bloody Hell!" H.D
   Klavdy's Burden
It Started out os a simple thing, it ended badly...

Update: THREE NEW MOVIES!  Part 5 and Part 6!  - Klavdy goes to Indonesia and Singapore.  The Toads see their opportunity for mayhem.  Part 7!
   Revolting Creatures...with Disgusting Habits
Bufo Marinus, the Cane Toad, was introduced to Queensland in a heroically failed attempt to control the sugar Cane Beetle.
Out of the Billions of Toads infesting QLD, wouldn't you know , there had to be a couple that had mutated. This is the sorry saga, in all its horror.
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